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The Florida Soccer School is extremely proud to present an international group of distinguished guests who will proudly share their knowledge, information and experiences with you over the course of this weekend.


Take advantage of this unique opportunity and learn what other top professionals are doing around the world.

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Players, parents and coaches have schedules crammed with something soccer related almost every weekend of the year. On one hand, there is much more opportunity for player development now then there was years ago. On the other hand, the opposite is the case for coaches. Simply put, most coaches, collegiate or youth, do not have the time to invest in their own development.

If the coach has the time, besides coaching education licensing programs, there are not many opportunities for professional development. The Florida Soccer School has proudly partnered with FYSA to bring the International Coaching Symposium to the AGM.



Learn from our distinguished guests as they share their knowledge, methods and experiences through formative training sessions, interactive presentations, and discussions.



The International Coaching Symposium will provide Youth, Collegiate and Professional coaches the opportunity to learn from distinguished guests from leading European Clubs, Youth Academies and National Associations.


These distinguished guests will present valuable information, trends, and share ideas that will stimulate meaningful discussions and collaborative learning.

Programming will be designed for the competitive club, collegiate or professional coach. During this three day symposium, knowledge and information sharing will be world class.


Our presenters' elite formative sessions will spark meaningful dialogue. Discuss, interact and share ideas with our distinguished guests, colleagues, and friends at the International Coaching Symposium.



A weekend full of elite cutting-edge information. Filter through all of the information, formulate your own ideas, and decide how they can be implemented within your environment.

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The Florida Youth Soccer Association is proud to announce that the 47th Annual General Meeting & Vendor Showcase will take place from Friday, August 6, 2021 to Sunday, August 8, 2021 at

the JW Marriott Orlando, Grande Lakes.


This is a three-day comprehensive experience designed for youth soccer coaches, parents, referees and club administrators. This year includes new workshops, guest speakers, and a vendor showcase with the latest in youth soccer

equipment and technology.

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The Florida Soccer School has teamed up with 

The Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA) to bring an elite opportunity for coaching development for its membership. FYSA and its leadership have been an integral part of the planning and production for the International Coaching Symposium.

Thanks to FYSA the International Coaching Symposium will provide Youth, Collegiate and Professional coaches an incredible opportunity to learn from distinguished soccer professionals, from all over the world, in Orlando, Florida.

The Florida Soccer School and Florida Youth Soccer Association are looking forward to a great weekend where presenters and participants can share their knowledge and information and spark meaningful discussions.

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